Haworth Hobble

Sat 14th Mar 2020 at 08:00

Entries open early January 2020

Category: BL GPS: not allowed for navigation
Distance: 51km / 31.7m
Climb: 1340m / 4396ft
Venue: Haworth Primary School, Rawdon Road, Haworth, BD22 8DW.
Grid ref: SE 03143 37265
Skills & experience: ER, LK, NS
Minimum age: 18

Contact for Race Information
Brett Weeden
07970 206003

32 miles traversing gritstone moors around Haworth, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge. 4,400 ft of ascent/descent. Maximum time allowed 11 hours. Refreshments available en route with a meal at the finish.


Start from Main Street, Fleece Inn, Haworth, G.R. 032372, up the cobbled road, out along Cemetery Road towards footpath/road junction G.R. 018362 to Far Intake and Bronte Bridge. Cross the bridge and head for Top Withens. Take the Pennine Way to the Widdop Road. Go up the road,(S1) round Widdop Reservoir and join the Limersgate track past the Yorkshire/Lancashire boundary 915321 continuing West on bridleway to 898323 (S2) then turn SW to Hurstwood Reservoir dam wall. From there go via Cant Clough dam wall into the Sheddon Clough area, using improved paths (not shown on the South Pennines Leisure map). (PLEASE DO NOT RUN/WALK ALONG THE PARTLY COVERED PIPELINE) use the paths to the car park at Long Causeway (S3) at 894288. Follow road to the first bend at 904284 follow footpath (not the farm track) past Stiperden House Farm to road then to Stoney Lane Checkpoint (S4) at 914274. Go down Stoney Lane following it to the back of the Golf Course to the Cross Stone Inn and take the steep, narrow, walled footpath past the back of the church, to the main road @ 950245. Go along the road to Lumbutts and 100 metres past the Mill join the footpath at 951243, which starts behind a row of cottages. This zig zags steeply up the hill leading to a long wall. Climb the fence at the style and cross field diagonally, then follow the wall on right, over style to a lane, then along the lane to Mankinholes Y.H. (S5) Left on track by water troughs until beneath Stoodley Pike, climb steep path to the Monument (S6), down Pennine Way along the track above Callis Wood to road, and down steep hill to Hebble End. Across the busy A646T (carefully!) 20 metres up the road to small cobbled lane leading to steep steps and a road which climbs steeply into Heptonstall. Turn right at the first pub in Heptonstall (S7) and down the tarmac lane. Cross the road to join a narrow walled path which drops steeply to Horse Bridge (S8). From there follow bridleway past Hollin Hall onto packhorse track which leads downhill to cross Crimsworth Dene (S9). Then climb the tarmac lane which eventually leads to Top O’t Stairs. Follow the track dropping down to Leeshaw Reservoir, up Moorside Lane to 020362, turn right and cross the Penistone Hill to 026369 footpath/road junction, drop for 300m bear left on footpath towards church. Coming out onto Main Street turn right down the cobbled road, opposite The Fleece bear left, cross the main road or continue and down the snicket leading to the surgeryand so to Haworth Primary School (S10)